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With over 5+ years of experience in building iconic brands, we are experts in designing logos, corporate letterhead, brochures and other branding services. We are a creative branding agency in United States that offers the most remarkable branding services to our clients.

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Creative Branding Company in United States

While everyone is trying to make it big in today’s competitive world. 


Why only the notable few have taken place in the Forbes list? What makes them different in the corporate arena? 


It’s this undying passion that definitely sets their brand apart. Top creative branding is the USP of any business. 


And without it no one can make their mark in the global market. At Urban Media Tech, we pride ourselves on being the most accomplished branding agency in the US. 


With our 5+ years of experience in branding we have over 200 members of our Urban Media Tech family (clients) to reach their desired audience. 


And was able to help them turn their dreams into reality. The sole purpose of any organization is to reach consumers. 


And enticing them to not only invest in the product but also retain them as loyal customers.

Our Services

To boost the top creative branding quotient. The services we provide. It includes brand identity, below the line advertising, above the line advertising, online communication strategy, visual media and others.

  • Logo Design, Brand Image, Brand Positioning, Visual Identity.
  • Brand Presentations, Visual Ads/Videos.
  • Landing Page, Print Media Management
  • Digital Ads, Social Media Strategy, SEO.
  • Graphic Design, Packaging, Launch Videos.

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A mobile app is a software application specifically developed for small, wireless handheld devices like tablets and smartphones. App makers will design mobile apps in a way that meet the demands and constraints of said devices, taking advantage of the special capabilities they have.

App development follows a set of strict guidelines that require time, effort and great attention to detail. We’ve highlighted the following key components in order:


  • Research – This is the stage where you learn everything you need to know about your developing app idea, from your customer demographics, your motivations, buyer personas etc. This first step is essential as it lays down the necesary research and brainstorming groundwork for the stages that follow.
  • Wireframing – Wireframing and drawing detailed sketches of your envisioned product allows you to understand the future of your app functionalities.
  • Technical feasibility assessment – Getting a clearer understanding of your product visuals and which backend systems will be able to support your app’s functionality. An app depending on its formation (iOS, Android) will have different requirements.
  • Prototype – By building a rapid prototype, you will be able to comprehend your app’s touch/user experience yourself and assess whether you’re going in the right direction. Include stakeholders in this process as their feedback is crucial to productivity development.
  • Design – Time to deep-dive into coding. Your UI/UX whizzes will build the look and feel of your app, providing you multiple blueprints and visual direction for you to review. Depending on your budget and scope, the design phase can take a number of hours and elements.
  • Development – This stage will occur early on and will often feature a set amount of series to validate an app’s functionality and assumptions to give you a better understanding of the scope of your work. At this point, regular changes and improvements to agile methodologies will be used and reviewed to move productivity.
  • Testing – In mobile app development, the earlier and more often you test the better as this will keep final costs low. Application testing is vast so ensure your team covers the necessary facets from compatibility testing, usability, interface checks, stress, security, performance and so on.
  • Deployment – Once your app is ready to submit, choose a day and key up for a formal launch. Different app stores will feature different launching policies so this is not the end. App development doesn’t end at a launch. Once your app gets in the hands of users, you will need to incorporate their invaluable feedback to future versions and regular updates.

The importance of mobile app development for all businesses is evident today, as more users are more interested in getting things done virtually. Considering today’s digital age, businesses need mobile applications to grow the brand awareness and unlock market reach. Some benefits of a having a mobile app for your business include:

  • Aid promotion and offer customer support
  • Value addition through loyalty programs
  • Provides better connection with customers
  • Makes businesses more accessible for today’s digital users
  • Drives high engagement levels
  • Provide a better interface to your customers via a channel you own
  • Pair with hardware services to enhance your service to a customer

Today, the average mobile app development will cost about $170,000. More complex projects reach up to $500,000 to develop. Your overall costs will depend on the scope of your project, the platforms you choose and if you’re keen on hiring an external development team. A Simple app can be built within a $25,000 to $100,000 budget by taking advantage of reusable components and off the shelf 3rd party solutions. During our discovery phase or Kick off phase we can advise you on the pro’s and con’s of certain decisions which might reduce the short term cost but decrease the longevity of an implementation.

At Urban Software Tech we approach creative branding from a different perspective.

We take a strategic, data-driven approach to customizing solutions tailored to each individual client’s needs.

Our customized approach emphasizes research, analysis, and creative design aesthetics.

Where memorable brands for our clients. And how to create the best marketing campaigns. That allows us to make well-informed decisions.

We believe in building strong relationships with our partners and always strive to exceed their expectations.

Urban Software Creative branding can give you a competitive edge. When it comes to how you present your company’s brand.

To ensure your branding is memorable, creative and impressive. We use state-of-the-art equipment and design techniques.

Our services also include such marketing strategies. which targets a specific audience and increases online visibility.

Through our creative branding services. We create an unforgettable brand experience. Helping companies of all sizes stand out from the competition.

At Urban Software Technologies, we are proud to offer a wide range of services. Which can help businesses improve their creative branding. 


Our services include website and app design, logo design, content writing, social media advertising, online marketing campaigns.


And includes video production. We understand the importance of creative branding in the modern business environment.


Our experts work with you to create an effective strategy. which meets your individual needs and goals.